LanDetective FAQ

I would like to use LanDetective to monitor Internet use in our corporate network, but I can only intercept my own Internet traffic. Why?
A: Probably, you have a switched network (computers on the LAN are connected through a switch). If so, check whether your switch supports port mirroring (please refer to the document coming with your switch). If it dose not support port mirroring, you can install LanDetective Internet Monitor on your Internet gateway (if applicable), or on a computer which is connected to the same hub with your Internet gateway. Here you can find some typical installation layouts.

Also LanDetective Internet Monitor provides a special Capture mode - ARP-Spoofing. In some cases, this Capture mode can help you to capture network traffic in a switched LAN. Read here about ARP-Spoofing.

The computers on the LAN are connected through a hub, but LanDetective can only monitor my own Internet traffic.
A: Generally, if a network adapter (NIC) supports promiscuous mode it should work well with LanDetective Internet Monitor, one possible reason is your hub is actually a switch though labeled as a hub (e.g. Linksys hubs). Another possible reason is you are using a multi-speed hub, in which case you cannot see the traffic from the stations operating at the speed that is different from your network adapter speed (e.g. if you have a 10 Mbit network adapter, you cannot see the traffic generated by 100 Mbit network adapters).

We use Microsoft Exchange Server. We sent some emails but did not see any information from LanDetective.
A: In most cases, Outlook communicates with Exchange server via the "Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol" which is not supported by LanDetective Internet Monitor. However, you can configure Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server to deliver email messages via SMTP and POP3/IMAP protocols. Please refer to the documentation that comes with your Exchange server for information on availability of this feature and configuration instructions.

Why LanDetective does not always display HTML pages correctly? For instance, some images are not displayed and CSS styles are not applied.
A: A typical HTML page consists of a set of independent objects – HTML code, images, CSS styles, javascripts and others. Each of these objects is requested by a browser, however most of these objects are cached (saved to the computer hard drive to speed up subsequent access to these objects) and hence not requested from the network every time a Web page is viewed. For this reason LanDetective Internet Monitor cannot 'see' these objects. If you are monitoring your own Internet traffic you can always completely reload the Web page in your browser (In most browsers this is achieved by pressing Ctrl+F5).

For some chat sessions, one of the participants' name is shown as IP address.
A: This may happen when a chat session begins before LanDetective Internet Monitor starts monitoring Internet traffic (capturing network packets). If capturing is started in the middle of a chat session, the participants' name can sometimes be found, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Can LanDetective remotely monitor Internet traffic in my network?
A: Yes. You should install LanDetective Internet Monitor on a workstation in your remote network, and enable the Remote Desktop Access function of that workstation (Windows Terminal Server, Norton PcAnywhere, VNC Server, Citrix GoToMyPC, etc.), then you can access to LanDetective via the client program.

After I entered the license key, it did not work.
A: Please copy and paste the license key you received from us to the fields required, it may contain unnecessary blank or an input error if you type in the license key.