User Interface and View Modes

LanDetective Internet Monitor maintains log in the course of its operation and can accumulate huge amounts of data like Web pages, files downloaded over FTP, sent/received emails and chat messages. The user interface of LanDetective Internet Monitor is designed to provide the most convenient and simple access to the captured data. The interface is designed in a way that it has all the data grouped by corresponding types. Tabs are the core of the interface, and each one of them corresponds with a certain data type.

The following tabs are available in the application:

  • WEB – displays information on intercepted data transferred over HTTP.
  • FTP – displays information on intercepted data transferred over FTP.
  • MAIL – displays information on intercepted email messages.
  • CHAT– displays information on intercepted chat messages from instant messengers MSN, YAHOO, ICQ, AIM, IRC, MAIL.RU.

Data shown on the tabs appears in the list format and depends on selected View Mode.

LanDetective Internet Monitor features 3 view modes: Monitoring View, Log View and Statistics View. You can switch between the view mode using the toolbar or the View menu.

Please note that the choice of view mode does not affect the Internet monitoring process. You can switch view modes at any time.

Keep on reading to see further details on the view modes.