Key Features of LanDetective

We are continuously improving LanDetective Internet Monitor. The product has the following features:

Web Traffic Monitoring

  • Intercept data transferred via the HTTP protocol.
  • View intercepted data (whether sites or separate files).
  • Scale images to fit a maximum size.
  • View FLV video clips (integrated FLV player).
  • View HTTP headers.
  • View data transferred via the POST method.
  • Extract/save data transferred via the POST method.
  • Extract attachments from the email messages sent via webmail.
  • View Base64 - encoded passwords for accessing websites and Web proxies.

FTP Traffic Monitoring

  • Intercept data transferred via the FTP protocol.
  • Support both active and passive FTP connections.

Email Monitoring

  • Intercept messages transferred via SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.
  • Intercept messages transferred via web-based email services.
  • View intercepted emails.
  • View email headers (RFC-822).
  • Extract/save email attachments.

Chat Monitoring (IM Services)

  • Intercept chat messages transferred by instant messengers ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber, Facebook, IRC,
  • Support for any instant messenger.
  • View intercepted messages, tracking chat sessions.

Filtering of Intercepted Data

  • Addresses: IP address, IP sub network, MAC address.
  • WEB: URL, media type (MIME type), HTTP method (GET, POST), file size.
  • FTP: file name, account, file size.
  • E-MAIL: from (sender), to (recipient).

Storage and View of Intercepted Data

  • Quick navigation through the log.
  • Log Filter - to quickly find required information in the log and filter out any unnecessary data.
  • Sorting and grouping information by different log fields.

Multiple Traffic Capture Modes

  • Capture traffic in switched (switch-based) networks.
  • Capture traffic in Wi-Fi networks (802.11).

Import capture files produced by other sniffers

  • Wireshark/Tcpdump.
  • Microsoft Network Monitor.
  • TamoSoft CommView.