Internet Monitoring and Network Traffic Interception

LanDetective, the all-in-one Internet usage monitoring solution, acts like a network monitoring sleuth-hound sniffing every corner of your LAN and tracking all internet activity, including Instant Messaging (ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo Chat, Live Chat Messenger and more), Facebook, MySpace and many other online social networks together with emails.

Enforce Company Policies Regarding Internet Usage in the Work Place

Do you have responsibility as a manager? With LanDetective, it is simple and easy to enforce rules and regulations regarding how staff use company resources and how they use the internet in the workplace. LanDetective allows employers and responsible managers to access and monitor every email in and out of the company, every Instant Message, no matter what the IM client used, and monitor every website visited (even down to the individual web page).

In addition, you are able to identify and see all file downloads (no more viewing porn at work!), and also perform email tracking including identification of recipients and much more.

LanDetective has the great advantage of being undetectable by users themselves – there is no module or program to be downloaded down to client machines, so your employee’s don’t even know that you know what they are getting up to!

Ensure Your Family and Children are Kept Safe at Home

As a parent, you are always concerned for the safety of your children online. Children can and will get themselves in trouble, especially if parents are unable to protect them when a threat or danger comes close and you cannot be with them all of the time. LanDetective gives you peace of mind by allowing you to review your children’s e-mails and chat messages – you can even do Facebook conversations monitoring! It also lets you monitor websites they visit to prevent any unpleasant surprises. LanDetective lets you stay with your children every step of the way while they are playing or working online and as a responsible parent, you should always know what they are doing, who they are chatting with and whether they are doing their homework!

Why should you choose LanDetective Internet Monitor?
  • You only pay once for LanDetective Internet Monitor – there is simple one-time fee with simplified licensing!
Enjoy monitoring an unlimited number of client computers you can monitor for a one-time purchase. You only pay for one time for LanDetective Internet monitor!
  • Simple to Deploy and Maintain.
Deploying LanDetective Internet Monitor requires no specialist skills or pre-installation of any software down onto client machines as everything is monitored server-side. This makes maintenance easy as there is only one place where the software is hosted.
  • Simplified monitoring of the LAN from a single computer.
Using LanDetective Internet Monitor’s capabilities as a network traffic analyzer, there are lots of ways to do your network traffic monitoring from a single PC.
  • Improve your corporate security.
Monitoring Internet usage helps to reduce the risk of breaches in your corporate network. It also helps you comply with government regulations regarding information protection.
  • Increase employee productivity
Simply knowing that their internet activity is being monitored will reduce the amount of time employees spend on unproductive, non-work related activities.
LanDetective provides an easy and convenient, yet powerful internet monitoring tool to keep you on top of what is happening in your business or home. You can have peace of mind knowing that you will never be caught by surprise by the Internet activity of your employees or children. You will be able to guard against potential regulatory infractions and network security challenges before they happen in your workplace. At home, knowing what your children are doing on the Internet gives you a chance to address behavioral issues while they are still minor.


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